do you sell bracelets?

Indeed I do! You can order them here on tumblr or you can visit my online shop

Trying Something New Out? Maybe?

Ok so I’ve been thinking about taking orders on tumblr for awhile now annnd I’m finally going to give in and do it! So here’s how it will work:

1. You message me what bracelets you want and what colors you want

2. I’ll make the bracelet and post it on my website and message you when its posted.

3. You pay for the bracelet there 

4. Yay! New bracelet for you!

Okay yeah. Thats the plan but do you guys have any suggestions?

u should put up tutorials on how to make them!

oh boy that would be interesting. xD i’m the worst at explaining things it would be all “put that thing like this and do that and …yeah….” haha

Big News!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updating(Insert excuses of school and work here) I seriously feel so guilty… Don’t give up on me I PROMISE that I will be posting some new things soon! And now for the big news! Since I started this blog I told my self that if i hit 100 followers I would open an online shop. Well a few days ago I hit 100! And I have just set up a tiny online shop! So go check it out! I can only post five things at a time, but I will be updating and switching things out fairly often.